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Water Production Line

We can produce still and sparkling spring and mineral water, flavoured water, functional water, distilled water. Bottled water line and barreled water line are very popular to our clients.

IB-gravityfill Combiblock

IB-gravityfill combiblock also named washing-filling-capping 3 in 1 machine integrated washing, filling and capping within one system that optimize line layout, performance and footprint.

Rinsing-Filling-Capping Combiblock

The integrated rinsing filling capping system is a new generation of beverage production line developed by our company.


PROJECT PROFILE . ON . PACKAGED DRINKING WATER / MINERAL WATER . NAME OF THE PRODUCT : Packaged Drinking Water / Mineral Water. PRODUCT CODE : 224103008. QUALITY & STANDARD : PFA Regulations and ISI 4543:1998. PRODUCTION CAPACITY : Quantity - 12 Lakhs Bottles (1 Litre) (Per Annum) Value - Rs.111.0 Lakhs.

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PRODUCTION CAPACIT Y : The Project is for processing and bottling of plain drinking and mineral water of 5000 bottles (one litre) per shift of 8 hrs. The total quantity of water processed and packed will be 15000 Litres/day in three shifts.

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Mineral Water Plant Project Business Plan, Profit Margin ...

Read detailed business plan on how to start a mineral water plant project in India. Read about project cost estimation, required machinery and profit margin in this business.

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How to get a Bisleri water plant franchise in India and what ...

Thanks for the A2A. First let me tell you the steps of getting a Bisleri water plant franchise : 1. Find out if there is any other bisleri water plant in your city(big city)/small state(goa/tripura/sikkim etc).

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Cost of Small Scale Mineral Water Treatment Plant in India ...

Since the investment made by a company for establishing mineral water plant in India is directed to gain a considerable profile margin. This will happen if only, the cost is planned smartly. Our proficient, cost experts understand that mineral water plant cost should be planned in such a way that a substantial profit margin is achieved.

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Isi Ro Plant Project Cost, Cost of Small Scale Mineral Water ...

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Easy Step For Start Bottled Mineral Water Plants In Low ...

Dear Sir, For a social cause, we want to establish a mineral water plant in a village 40 KM away from Bangalore, Karnataka State for public usage at free of cost within a budget range of 4 to 5 lacs of rupees Immediate requirement.

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Bisleri Mineral Water | Our Brands | Bisleri International

Trusted by millions since 1969, Bisleri Mineral Water is not just an ordinary bottle of water, it's our promise of Goodness. Our promise of goodness comes in multiple sizes that are just right for your various occasions.

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What is the cost to implement bisleri water plant? - Quora

Standard plant may consume: Building Cost will be 3000 sq.ft and machinery will be nearly 40 lakhs maximum. Manpower used need minimum 3. And used you need produce list of machinery needed. Nearly 7 to 8 machinery will be needed definitely. 26 lakhs and manpower minimum 2.

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Mineral Water Project Information - Mineral Water Plant Training

Are You Starting a Mineral Water Plant ?– Get yourself trained by the Best in the Trade –Trained Over 1000 Entrepreneurs from 2015.

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