NATSAP works for prevention of Trafficking and sexual exploitation within the state and the region. NATSAP does Advocacy & Lobbying, Create Awareness and Social mobalisation to consolidate the isolated efforts to deal the issue, as a unified force. NATSAP takes up study & research in-depth, to resists in human offences like exploitative Sexual crime and Trafficking in women & Children.
ACTIVITIES UNDERTAKEN ACHIEVEMENTS:Lobbying & Advocacy with Govt., and policy makers for prepare a state level policy on “State Rescue & rehabilitation policy for the girls/women in sex trafficking. Govt. has constituted a Draft Committee for preparation of a Draft Policy. NATSAP is a member in the committee.

NATSAP has lobbied with govt. & policy makers to constitute a state level coordination committee on “Prostitution, Child prostitution and children of prostitutes” as directed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, GOI Govt.of A.P has constituted a Coordination Committee, chaired by The Chief Secretary to Govt.of A.P., and all Depts. Secretaries and NGOs Represents as members. NATSAP members have been appointed as NGOs contingent.

A member NGO has conducted study on inter state Trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation from Andhra Pradesh. Source and Demand Areas and trafficking routes & means brought to the notice of the Govt, and world.

Conducting awareness camps on CRC with the support of UNICEF, AP Alliance for child rights forum We would sensitize media and masses on the importance of CRC.

Organised National & State level workshops /seminars on the issue of Child Trafficking, Abuse and Sexual Exploitation with the support of Action Aid , Save the Children India & NACSET. To establish a common platform to sharing of information and to strengthen the linkages with other NGOs/Networks.

We have conduct Media sensitization programme on against legalisation of Prostitution Policy. We have conducted Post Card campaign to policy makers against legalisation of prostitution policy

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