Linkages with Govt and Other NGOs

HELP has established good linkages with government departments at district, state and national levels. At district level HELP is the committee member in the district anti trafficking committee, child marriages committee setup under the chairmanship of district collector.

  • Mr.Ramamohan chief functionary of HELP is appointed by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh as a Member in State Coordination Committee on “Anti-Trafficking” chaired by Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh since  2003. (Lr  No.116/P2/98  Dt.  23-08-2002  issued  by  Smt.  Minnie  Mathew  IAS,  Principal Secretary  to  Govt.  Dept  of  Women  Development,  Child  Welfare  and  Disabled  Welfare,  Govt  of AP)
  • HELP is recently nominated  by the Govt of AP to coordinate with AHTUs (Anti-Human Trafficking Units) on behalf of Andhra Pradesh State Government for better coordination and quick response to  anti – Trafficking  of  Women  and  Children  and  to  serve  as  an  institutional  mechanism  for combatting  the  crime. {Lr  no.3554/WP.A2/2001  Dt.  18.02.2012  issued  by  The  Special  Chief Secretary to Government, Dept for Women, Child, Disabled & Senior Citizens(WP) }
  • Mr.Ramamohan  chief  functionary  of  HELP  is  appointed  by  Govt  of  AP  as  a  member  in  State  level  Centre for Adolescents “YUVA”. (GO Ms. No:30, Dept of WDCW&DW on 7th July 2010)
  • Mr.Ramamohan  chief  functionary  of  HELP  is  appointed  by  Department  of  CID  &  State  Level  Anti Trafficking  Unit,  Govt  of  AP  as  a  Nodal  NGO Coastal  Region  Anti  Human  Trafficking  Unit – AHTU (Lr.No.  3126/C14/WPC/CID/06,  Dt.  16.1.2007  issued  by  Addl.  Director  General  of  Police,  CID, Govt of AP)
  • Mr.Rama  mohan  chief  functionary  of  HELP  is  appointed  as  a  Chairman  for  Child  Welfare Committee,  Prakasam  Dist  under  JJ  Act  2000  since  2007. {Letter  no:P2/132/2010  dt.  21.01.2011 issued  by  Dept  of  Juvenile  Welfare,  Correctional  services  &  Welfare  of  Street  Children,  Govt  of AP}
  • Mr.Rama  mohan  chief  functionary  of  HELP  is  appointed  as  a  state  committee  member  of  “Youth Welfare Advisory Committee” promoted by Govt of India. (GO.No.F.No.23-2/2007/YS-1(PYSA-AP) dated: 23 rd May 2007. issued by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt of India)
  • HELP is recognized as a Training Partner of Andhra Pradesh Police Academy – APPA in the Districts and Commissionerates located in Andhra area. (letter no: Rc.No. 342/TD.V/AHT-SOs/APPA/2007, dt. 04.05..2007 issued by the Director, Andhra Pradesh Police Academy, Govt. of AP)
  • HELP  is  appointed  as  a  support  NGO  by  CID  of  Police,  Govt  of  AP  for  South  Coastal  Districts  for Speedy Justice Delivery of Anti-Human Trafficking Cases Registered in Guntur, Kirshna & Prakasam Districts and Victim/witness support (order no: C.No.3126/C14/WPC/CID/06 dated. 27.8.09 issued by Office of the Addl. Director General of Police, CID, Govt. of AP)
  • Mr.Rama mohan  chief  functionary of  HELP  is  appointed  as  a member  for  Advisory  Committee  for Centre  for  Women’s  Studies,  Acharya  Nagarjuna  University. (order  no:  ANU/Acad/S1/Advisory Committee-CWS/2012 dt.28.08.2012 issued by Registrar, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Nambru, Guntur.)
  • Mr. Rama Mohanchief functionary of HELP is appointed as a Member inExecutive body & General body of “ AP Society for Protection and Empowerment of women & Children” which established by Govt of Andhra Pradesh for implementation of ICPS scheme in the State. {G.O.Ms.No.22. W.C.D&DW(WP) Dept, dt.31.08.2009}
  • Mr.  Rama  mohan  chief  functionary  of  HELP  is  elected  as  a  State  Convener  for  Campaign  Against Child Labour –CACL AP chapter.
  • Mr.  K.N.Murthy  president  of  HELP  was  nominated  as  a  member  for  Dist  Legal  Cell  Authority, Prakasam District.
  • HELP is a member various Dist level committees like women atrocities, bonded labour committee, minority welfare committee etc under District Administration in Prakasam & Guntur Districts.
  • Mr.Ramamohan  has  good  linkages  with  various  NGOs  and  NGO  Networks  like  AP  Alliance  for  Child Rights,  A.P  NGOs  committee  on  community  Forest  Management  and  NATSAP  (Network  Against  Child Trafficking  &  Sexual  Exploitation  in  Andhra  Pradesh).  He  has  played  crucial  role  in  the  formation  of NATSAP and AP Alliance for Child Rights in Andhra Pradesh – a forum of NGOs, Networks, and Activists, promoting the ‘Child Rights and Anti –Trafficking ‘ Campaign in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

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