1. Over 150 Children (below 5 years) were benefited through the Drop-in-centers.
  2. Over 60 Children are benefited through our Night Care services.
  3. Over 200 children are benefited through our Residential School Education support programs.
  4. Over 25 children were benefited through Institutional Placement Programme.
  5. Over 25 Adolescent girls were benefited through our vocational and skill trainings in community level.
  6. Over 1000 women in prostitution were benefited through our various variety of programme and activities, including obtaining ration Cards, Health facilities, IGPs , Social education and empowerment, Child protection etc.
  7. 170 Children got Birth Certificates.
  8. 15 Rescued girls successfully repatriated to their home.
  9. HELP networks with State Govt NGOs, INGOs, CBOs, Media, Elected Representatives ,civil society Organizations & others.
  10. HELP conducted one Summer Camp in May -2003 . 50 children of sex workers participated from 9 coastal Dists in A.P.
  11. HELP Conducted Two Regional consultations among children and policy planners in the year 2003.
  12. HELP acting a nodal NGO for prevent Second generation trafficking in Coastal Andhra Pradesh with the support of CRY.
  13. HELP conducted 10 Sensitisation work shops among adolescent girls in source area of Prakasam dist coverage of 7000 adolescent girls in the year 2003.
  14. 15 Rescued girls successfully repatriated to their home.
  15. HELP conducted 8 work shops in coastal Andhra Pradesh among NGOs, Media and Social Support Groups on Child Trafficking.
  16. HELP published one news letter (Querterly) on net work activities with the support of CRY.
Lobbying & Advocacy With Govt., and policy makers for prepare a state level policy on “State Rescue & rehabilitation policy For the girls/Woman in sex trafficking Govt. has constituted a Draft Committee For preparation of a Draft policy. HELP is a member in the committee.HELP has lobbied with govt. & policy makers to constitute a state level coordination committee on “Prostitution Child prostitution and children of prostitutes” as directed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, GOI Govt. of A.P has constituted a coordination Committee, chaired by THE Chief Secretary to Govt. of A.P., and all Depts. Secretaries and two NGOs Represents as members. HELPis appointed as NGOs contingent.

Conducting awareness camps on CRC with the support of UNICEF, SFC, AP Alliance for child rights forum. We has sensitize media and masses on the importance of CRC.

Organised National & State level workshops/seminars on the issue of child Trafficking Abuse and Sexual Exploitation with the support of Action Aid, Save the Children India NACSET,NCW TDH,SCF &UNICEF (through AP Alliance) to establish a common platform sharing of information and to strengthen the linkages with other NGOs/Networks

We have conduct Media sensitization programme on against legalisation of prostitution policy. Govt.of A.P has released policy on rescue and rehabilitation

We have conducted post Card campaign to policy makers against legalisation of prostitution policy Govt.of A.P has released policy on rescue and rehabilitation.

HELP has collaborates with NGOs Networks out side the state and state of Andhra Pradesh to repatriate and reintegrate rescued victims back to their native/families. HELP received 18 rescued girls from Delhi, Mumbai and Goa and successfully placed back to their homes/families.

HELP is founder of NATSAP (Network against Trafficking & sexual exploitation in Andhra Pradesh. And net working with coastal NGOs HELP is acting as Nodal NGO for Mobalising women in prostitution and building capacities for join in mainstream in coastal Andhra Pradesh supported by Action Aid-Hyd. Upto 2003 – March.

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