• The network consists more than 20 NGOs situated in almost all the District and covering Source and Demand areas in Andhra Pradesh.
  • We have established relationship with State & national level NGO networks.
  • Being part of the Committees constituted by the Govt.of A.P., reveals our relation with the Govt.


  • HELP is the main striving force behind the foundation of the net-work.
  • HELP is taken the responsibilities of running the secretariat & coordinating with all member partners of the network.
  • HELP is a non-governmental Development organization was formed by a group of academicians, professionals, journalists and gross root level workers in 1993. The main objective of HELP is to stop child prostitution, trafficking and second- generation prostitution. The goal of HELP is promoting social justice and social development in relation to issues of crime and victimization. HELP focuses on the long-term social change goal within the context of organized prostitution in the red-light areas of Chilkaluripet (Guntur Dist) and Ongole (Prakasam Dist) in Andhra Pradesh.
  • The Secretary – HELP, Mr.Ramamohan is basically from field of Journlism, a stint of 14 years of experience in the field of Journlism has exposed, the chief functionary to various issues and their intricacies from different angles of panorama. While accessing information this experience cames in handy to deal with any problem. Lobbing and policy analysis needs no mention as basic strength of the chief resource person of the Net-work.
  • HELP is conducted various studies on issues related in to Victims of commercial sexual exploitation, Child Prostitution in Coastal Andhra, Status of women & Children in prostitution in Coastal Andhra Pradesh & Status of Third Sex in Prostitution with the support of UNICEF, ACTION AID, HIVOS, CRY etc.
  • Member in A.P. State Coordination Committee: HELP is a member in State Coordination Committee “PROSTITUTION, CHILD PROSTITUTION, AND CHILDREN OF PROSTITUTES” under the chairmen ship of Chief Secretary to Govt. (all Govt Dept., secretaries and two NGOs in the committee. HELP is one NGO out of two NGOs) this committee constituted by Govt.of Andhra Pradesh as per the direction of The Hon’ble Supreme court.The committee main objective is…. Make suggestions for the welfare Programmes to be implemented for the care, protection treatment and rehabilitation of the young victims mainly children and girls rescued either from the brothel houses or from the vice of prostitution.


  • HELP is State Convener of ATSEC (Action Against Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation of Children, Which is a International Network (A networking of NGOs and INGOs on Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children.)


  • HELP is a Key member of the National Net work NACSET (Network against Commercial Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking) promoted by PRERANA – Mumbai.


  • HELP is initiated & founder member the developing a state level network as a convener NATSAP (Net work against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in Andhra Pradesh).HELP is a one of founder member & key member of the State level network APACR (Andhra Pradesh Alliance for Child Rights)

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